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Chris Shepherd. Presentation

Schedule: Saturday, 22nd February/ 16 h Venue: La Llotja, Sala Leandre Cristòfol


copy2_of_chrisshepherd.jpgSpecial guest Animac 2014, one of the most irreverent entertainers in the UK, and a totally intimate relationship with the real image.

Chris Shepherd (1967, Liverpool, UK) has, since his beginnings as an animator, maintained an intimate relationship with live action: an alchemical mixture of sincere, traditional and terrifying stories, full of black humour. A mutant and multidisciplinary artist, Shepherd forged and refined his hybrid style thanks to the support of Channel 4 television. This is where he made his directorial debut, The Broken Jaw (1997) and two key pieces in his film career, Dad's Dead (2003) and Who I Am and What I Want (2005), within the incubator of shorts animate! He has also actively collaborated in many of his television productions, such as the satire People's Britain, the cult sitcom Nathan Barley, and the documentary Bollocks to Cancer. He even became commissioner of the initiative to create the shorts Random Acts, which include works by colleagues such as David Shrigley or Phil Mulloy and his own pieces such as Drillerfiller (2012). While fighting for his first feature film projects, Shepherd continued directing hybrid shorts, such as Silence is Golden (2006) and Bad Night for the Blues (2010), sharply comical and macabre. In his latest short, The Ringer (2013), Shepherd has returned to the dramatic and autobiographical territory.

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