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Friday, 21st February / 8.30 h. Venue: La Llotja, Room Ricard Vinyes




Jiří Barta (1948, Prague) is one of the latest masters of Czech stop motion and hybrid animation. As the protégé of Svankmajer and trained at the Jiří Trnka Studios, Barta began his career under the umbrella of the Czech communist government, which funded the work of new artists. After a first phase of cut animation, Barta opted for stop motion with pieces such as the nostalgic Zanikly vet rukavic (The Extinct World of Gloves, 1982) or the mesmeric Ballad or zelemén drevu (The Ballad of the Green Wood, 1983). The film Krysař (The Pied Piper of Hamelin, 1985), an evil and expressionist version with puppets, from the classic tale by the Brothers Grimm, was one of the peaks of his career. Barta continued to experiment with shorts, such as the vampiric Poslední lup (The Last Robbery, 1987) or Klub odlozenych (The Club of the Rejected, 1989). Ironically, the collapse of communism ended the whole system of artistic funding, and Barta remained inactive as a filmmaker for almost 20 years. From this period, we should note the unfinished film Golem, with just a trailer available. Finally, Barta returned in full force with the film Na pude aneb Kdo má dneska narozeniny? (Whose birthday is today?, 2009), an unusual success that was screened in America under the title Toys in the Attic, which mixes claymation, traditional animation and pixilation. Barta will present Yuki Onna (2013) a Czech-Japanese co-production in which he introduces digital techniques to integrate live action and wax animation.

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