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Pos Eso (+18 anys)

Spain, 1 h 22 min, 2014, stop motion, VO. Director: Samuel Ortí. Production: Basque Films and Conflictivos Productions



Saturday, 21th February  / 22 pm. La Llotja, Sala Ricard Vinyes 

 VO (Spanish). FEATURE FILM +18


This hilarious stop motion animated feature film, a hybrid of comedy and horror, tells us the story of Trini, a flamenco dancer who's forced to abandon her way of life after the death of her husband in a mysterious accident most people blame her son for, a kid with inexplicable criminal tendencies she's starting to consider as supernatural. A work by Sam (a sort of Almodóvar who works with clay) and Conflictivos Productions, the makers of award-winning shorts such as Vicenta, this animated film for adults satirizes the cinematic horror universe with great charm.

La Paeria - Ajuntament de Lleida

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