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Rocks in My Pockets

USA and Latvia, 1 h 28 min, 2014, cartoon, VOS (english). Director: Signe Baumane. Production: Rocks In My Pockets LLC and Locomotive Productions


Thursday, February 19 / 20.30h. La Llotja, Sala Ricard Vinyes


This brilliant feature film, based on actual events, tells us with an astounding intimacy of the life of five women from the writer and director's family, including herself, and their struggles against the obstacles of life and depression during a particularly problematic time in the political history of their small country, Latvia. Handmade with 2D animation alongside papier-mâché sets, this reflective, world-renowned adult-themed masterpiece, pre-selected for the Oscars and financed through crowdfunding, takes us directly into a trip inside the mind of three generations of women. Signe Baumane, whose mentor was Bill Plympton, lives and works in NYC.

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