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Piotr Dumala. Masterclass

ANIMAC welcomes an exceptional guest: Piotr Dumała (Warsaw, 1956), winner of the Grand Prize in the recent Ottawa festival with his latest and impressive short film Hipopotamy. With his animated and live action versions of the universe of writers such as Nikolai Gogol, Franz Kafka and Fyodor Dostoyevsky, he is one of the most venerated filmmakers in Poland. His films, many made using a technique of his own invention, “destructive animation”, include free adaptations of literary classics, as well as psychological portraits of their authors. One of his best known works is the adaptation of Crime and Punishment, based on Dostoyevsky's novel.

Dumała studied art conservation (specialising in stone sculpture) and animation at the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts under the tutelage of Daniel Szczechura. When he graduated in 1982, he had already debuted as director with the animated film Lycanthropy. His animations show the influence of Rembrandt and Munch, as well as his admiration for composers such as Shostakovich. His specialisation in sculpture allowed him to develop a completely new technique, which consists of creating images from sculpting pre-laminated plasterboards, painted still by still. Jacek Dobrowolski has said that Dumała is the "spiritual cousin of the Brothers Quay, magicians of avant-garde animated narrative". Like them, Dumała makes a visionary use of symbolism, to completely free his imagination.

Piotr Dumała has interrupted production of his next feature film to explain his creative process in a talk in Lleida and show us his most recent film, Hypopotamy, as well as other examples of his most outstanding animations.


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